Green Leaves advertising is a well known Designing & Printing solution firm in Bahrain, which serves purposeful thoughts, pinnacle designs, individual concentration reasonable prices, and creative results to clients. We are a vibrant team with combined expertise in the areas of modern-day graphic designing. On the basis of our limited over-heads we can offer you top quality graphic design as well as creative website within your suitable budgets.

We aim to continue expanding with the latest supplies that any advertising company could have, besides being the most company that has a superior influence on customers. Our goal is to make Green leaves become one of the most significant advertising companies in Bahrain.

To be the definitive Advertising Company for clients, conveying innovation and high-end quality in Bahrain.

Vision & Mission

Our vision to provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed customers.

Our mission is to insure that our clients’ needs are met. We offer trust, satisfaction and loyalty to all our customers. Our ideas are thought of creatively, intelligently and serve unique communicative ideas. By constructing all services within Green leaves itself, we would be able to save time, assure high quality and value for money.

Green leaves Advertising, founded upon service, seeks to exceed client expectations in the quality of each printing project. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the quality of the finished product. To inspire customer loyalty, we build relationships, anticipate and deter problems, honor deadlines and serve as an integral part of our customer’s team.

We develop powerful designs that will
bring prestige to your business

Our strength is based on the following values: